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Funerals Performed by Thompson Barron

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Funerals attended while in Concord N.H.
Mr. Coswell’s child. January 1846 M
Mrs. George... Sermon, Febuary do M
Miss Morrill , Sermon, March
Mrs. Hoit, Sermon
Mrs. Stickney, for Rev. W. P. Tilden
Mr. Hopkin’s, Child M
Mr. Taylor’s, Child M
Miss Hoit, A happy death none(?) H
Mr. Fox’s, child G
Mrs. Coffin, Sermon
Mr. Pecker , Buried by the Odd Fellows
Mrs. Priest , Sermon, A happy death M
Miss Abbot, By Br. W. H. Ryder
Miss Simpson,
Miss Simpson, Sister of the above
Mr. Rowe. Buried by the Odd Fellows M
Master Simpson, 7 years old
Mr. Lang. West Parish Sermon
Mr. Carter, Sermon
Mr. Reed’s child M

Mr. Grant’s child Jan G
Mrs John Taylor 28 M
Mr. Poor. April Sermon 72 C
Mr. O. Messer Odd Fellow May 30
Mr. Hagar’s(?) Child May 4th 10mo.
Mrs. Eastman June 15th
Mr. Giles Ordway June 68
Mrs. Wheeler 92
Mr. Woodbury, Odd Fellow, July
Mr. Foster, Odd Fellow, July G
Mr. Collins, August 57
Mrs. P. R. Kimball Sep 22d
Mr. J. Moore’s Child. Do 25th
Mrs. J. Currier Warner Nov
Col Carter... Nov 9th 1847
Mr. Abbot’s child Dec 15th 1847

Mrs. Ann E. McDonald March 1st 1848
May Mr. Quakin’s Child 4 years
[May] Mr. Philbrick’s Child 6 Do
[May] Mr. C. Barrett’s Child 18 months

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Mr. St. Clair’s Son drowned(?) June 20
Mr. S.Clark’s Child 8 month Do
Mr. Briggs aged 60 July
[M] Mr. Corsnell’s child 21 mo July 25
Mr. Swain’s child 8 mo July 25
Miss Lawrence 16 yrs Aug 7
Mr. Puffer’s child 2 yrs Aug 1st
Mr. Poor’s Child 15 mo Aug
Mr. Bell’s Child 5 weeks Oct 15
Mr. Abbots Daughter 14 yrs Oct 1st
Mr. Osgood’s Child 9 month Nov
Mr. Morrill 21 yrs Dec 20
Mr. Cobby 22 yrs Nov
Mr. Sargents Child 9 month Dec 16

Mr. J. Abbots daughter 15 yrs Died in Bille [edge of page]
Mrs. J. Snow 28 Carter & G
[ml] Mrs. Hager. Morrill aged 30 May 15
Mrs. Carter May Do 31 C
Mr. Joel French aged 28 May
Mr. J. W. Burnham’s Child July (?) 4 G
Mr. Jacob Carter Esqi July...41
Miss Gilman Aunt of Hon Lewis Cass do Aug 8 G
[Ml] Mr. Farror’s Child Aug 7 months
Mr. Dakin Sept 2d M
[M] Mr. Cobb’s Child 8 month bled to death by cutting (?)
Mr. Charles Abbots daughter Sep 12 years P
Mrs. Codman Oct 1st she died aged 40 B
Mrs. Barber died by taking Chloriform G Nov
Mr. Robinson Bow an old man Nov
Mr. Percival’s Child 7 month Dec 6th M

Mr. George Evens of Allentown June 1st 1850
Mr. Clark Jan 2d 1850 P
Mr. Cosmar Lund killed Jan 19th 1850 (35)
Mrs. Morrill London April
Mrs. Whittier buried in Enfield Moore

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Funerals attended in the State of Ohio
Rev Truman Loring. Hillsboro. Nov 1850. while on a visit to this state. Bro Loring was from Hinsdale NH
A child of Mr. Wamble July 1851 aged 4 weeks.
Mr. Gerhard aged 78 years August 1851
A child of Mr. F. Enoop aged 2 yrs. Dec 1850
Mrs. Hollis an old resident of Dayton August 1851
Mr. Hedrick aged 34 --- November 1851
Mr. Robert Wood. aged 24 November 1851
Mr. Young an Odd Fellow. aged 34. Oct 1851
A Child of Mr. Lemmon Dec, 1851 age 5 yrs.

Funerals attended while on the Ohio Circuit
Mrs. Marion Curtis Darst Nov In Newbury, Ohio
Judge Crippin Athens Feb 19 1856

Funerals attended while on the NH Circuit
Sep 22 Mrs. Critchel ag 19 Concord of Nashua[?] at South Weare
Mr. Holden’s child West Concord
Mr. Nourse[?] Concord
child at Enfield

Miss Marion Curtis was Married to Mr. Darst at the house of her father (Judge Curtis) Monday morning, and started soon after, for her future home. They went a few miles by private conveyance, then took a boat for Cincinnatti. Wednesday night she died very suddenly of congestion of the brain. She was brought back to her fathers house Saturday night, the boat arriving about 12 oclock. When the friends went to the landing to receive the corpse they found a sheep down to the water’s edge, watching very intently, the boat as it neared the shore. Did not move until the plank was thrown out, then walked to the side of it. When the coffin was placed in the wagon the lamb took its place under the wagon and went with them to the house; and followed the coffin into the house and would not leave until forced. It was a very singular circumstance, and strange that a sheep should be out at that time of night. It was afterward explained to Mr. Barron. It was Marian’s Pet Lamb.
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Sunday, previous to her marriage, after tea Marian took a plate of nice provision, called the Lamb and dog and went into the peach orchard hear the house, and sat down with a hand on the head of each. She then talked to them, told them she was going away, and they must be good to each other, and good to those they lived with & she stayed with them a long time, until she was called into the house. How did the Lamb know there was anyone in the boat he cared for? Why was he out at that time of night et,et, B.

Mr. Barron performed the marriage ceremony Monday morning, and attended the funeral the next Sunday.

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Funeral attended while at Wentworth
April 1859 Miss Ames Bro Squire & aged
May Mrs. Jewett aged 1,50
May Mr. Blood Enford(?) age 32 5,00
May Mr. Stevens age 82
[May] A Child of Mr. Norris aged 2 yrs
June 29 A Child of Mr Ellsworth 17 months
July Mrs. Garland. Thornton aged 25 yrs
July 25 Mr. Samuel Ellsworth “ 80 7.
July 26 Mrs. Currier. Pauper “ 87 1.00
Aug 10 Mrs. –– Ames 44 2
Sept Mr. Durant, Warren “ 72 2
Sept Mrs. Chapman Groton “ 33 2
Oct 12 Master C. Q. Cole Wentworth 11 5
Feb 1[1860] Mr. ?edom A. Weld 31 Piermont 6.
Feb 9 Mrs. Mary Polliquin(?) Thorton 50 7
Feb 26 Mr. Isaac Clifford, Pauper 85
Mrs. Saunders
April 30 2yr. Mr. Kimbal 56
May 6 Mr. Boyonton Fairley 28 4
May 14 Mr. Saunders before 17
May 16 A child of Mr. J. Saunders 6 yrs.
July 3 Mrs. E. Burleigh Dorchester 70 5
July 29 Attended the funeral of Vanness Wyatt who was murdered by J. M. Williams
Aug 18 Mrs. McDonnell aged 26 pauper

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