Ratay-Johnstone Ancestors - Person Sheet
Post/Spear Family Bible
Post Spear Bible

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
Cooperstown, NY
copyright date 1832

Bible photographed by Nancy Johnstone Ratay
Bible in possession of Beatrice Moffit Marvel

page designated Family Record:


John B. Spear and Elizabeth Hindle were married the 23rd day of April 1885

Jacob Spear and Eliza Ann Post were Married the 2nd of April 1851

Richard Van Riper and Mary Ellen Post were Married the 22nd day of May 1853

William B. Nesbit and Margaret June Post were Married the (erased or smeared) of May 1860

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Abraham G. Post was born the 19th of December 1800 (written over a 1798 date??)

Hannah Winter was born the 1st of February 1804

Susannah Post was born 24th of January 1825 (side note died about 1923)

Eliza Ann Post was born the 1st of April 1831

Mary Ellen Post was born the 20th of May 1833

Margaret June Post was born 26 of February 1838 (side note died about 1915)

Jacob Spear was born the 19th of January 1828

Mary Ellen Spear was born the 11th of February 1852

John Bernard Spear was born the 10th of December 1854

Charles J. Spear was born the 26th of December 1872

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